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re: End of Time, Part 1

well. I've watched "end of time". [Correction: end of time Part 1] Aside from wondering where's Captain Jack (it seems to takes place this Christmas, after he left the planet.) In my opinion, it's a not too shabby episode, though having Timothy Dalton in it throws the whole thing a bit off kilter.

Plus side: Bernard Cribbins, aka Wilfred Mott aka Donna's grandfather, is as incredible as he was in "Turn Left" as is Jacqueline King, aka Sylvia Noble aka Donna's mother. They really bring the show back to it's first season in terms of believable, 'real' characters.

*Update 1/2/10
Just watched a preview of part 2 and had a thought.
The woman in white = the Doctor's wife?
That'd be awesome!!
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